Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s first public concert, 1947

The Australian Broadcasting Commission, The Queensland Government and The Brisbane City Council presents the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (1947). SLQ ephemera collection

On March 26, 1947, the newly-formed Queensland Symphony Orchestra gave their first public concert at Brisbane’s City Hall, in front of an audience of 2,500 people. The concert was supported by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), the Queensland State Government and the Brisbane City Council. Percy Code was the guest conductor for the event. Favorable … Read more

Views of Maryborough, 1896

Views of Maryborough, 1896. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

On March 7, 1896, the Maryborough Chronicle newspaper issued a supplement in the form of an illustrated poster. The Maryborough Chronicle reported – “This issue contains an extra supplement in the form of a large coloured sheet, very creditably got up, containing views of Maryborough, together with all the principal public buildings, factories, and mills, … Read more

Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914

Front cover - Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

On April 3, 1914, Brisbane’s Telegraph newspaper promoted the arrival of the Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau’s latest pictorial publication. “Glimpses of Sunny Queensland is a capitally got up picture album, issued by the Queensland Government Intelligence Bureau. It contains 72 pages, the photographs used in the production numbering 86. The pictures represent scenes … Read more

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – “Discover, Remember and Share”

Still image from Eric Marshall Motion Pictures, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

The UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated on 27th October in institutions around the world to highlight the vulnerability of audiovisual materials and the ongoing efforts in safeguarding this cultural memory. The theme for this year is Discover, Remember and Share. Visit the official website to see how collecting institutions around the world … Read more