50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum

Lambert McBride's suitcase. Lambert McBride Collection, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

The 1967 Referendum changed the Australian constitution, with the record breaking ‘yes’ vote to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the census for the first time. The referendum removed discriminatory clauses from the constitution of 1901, which stated that Indigenous peoples should be a state government responsibility. After the 1967 referendum Aboriginal people … Read more

Freedom Then, Freedom Now (5 May – 1 Oct 2017)

Freedom Then, Freedom Now - 5 May to 1 October at State Library of Queensland, Level 4

From drinking, smoking and gambling to voting, marrying and travelling — and everything in between — what are the freedoms that Queenslanders take for granted? Freedom Then, Freedom Now is an intriguing journey into our recent past exploring the freedoms enjoyed and restricted in Queensland and examines what happens when collective good intersects with individual rights. … Read more

Little Red School Book

Little Red Schoolbook

The Little Red School Book was the work of two Danish schoolteachers, Soren Hansen and Jesper Jensen. It appeared in 1969 and then essentially went viral, travelling around the world and whipping up outrage wherever it went. The first Australian edition, published in 1972, was promptly banned by the Queensland Literature Board of Review. In … Read more

Early rain-making experiments in Queensland

Battery of Stiger Vortex rainmaking guns at Charleville 1902. Clement Wragge on the right. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 85049

In Australia, water can be a scarce commodity, with various areas of the country suffering through prolonged droughts at times. Its no wonder then that several ‘cloud seeding’ (rain-making) experiments have been conducted in Australia. Here are the tales of two unsuccessful Queensland rainmaking experiments – Brisbane, 1882 In January 1882, advertisements began appearing in the … Read more

Vale Carol Lloyd

"Only A Matter Of Time", Railroad Gin (1974). John Oxley Library Collection, State Library of Queensland

This week Queensland lost influential singer-songwriter Carol Lloyd, who passed away in Brisbane after a long illness. Lloyd was part of Brisbane’s music scene during the 1970s as frontwoman of the band Railroad Gin. The band is best known for their 1974 single A Matter Of Time. The single reached the number 1 spot in … Read more

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – It’s your story – don’t lose it!

Film 1 / Scenes on Mer (Murray Island), Torres Strait Islands: Frank W. Moorhouse Films 1930-1956 / SLQ Acc. 30149, item 1

October 27 marks the celebration of the World Day for Audio-visual Heritage in institutions around the world to raise awareness of the need to preserve audiovisual assets in our collections for current and future generations. The theme for this year is “It’s your story – don’t lose it!”. The Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Association … Read more

Sharing the stories from Maryborough

Last weekend (October 7 – 9) members of the Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum sector were given the opportunity to focus on the unique ways the sector is re-interpreting heritage experiences through storytelling. The South East Queensland Small Museums conference held in Maryborough brought together a diverse group of experienced practitioners who shared their insights and … Read more