A century of political ephemera: A window onto Queensland politics from 1915-2015

From SLQ's political ephemera collection

Guest blogger: Dr Lorann Downer – 2016 John Oxley Library Fellow. The Queensland state election of 1989 is famous for bringing down the curtain on 32 years of conservative administration and ushering in the Goss Government and a raft of democratic reforms. But it’s also significant for another, lesser-known reason. This election also marks the … Read more

Descendants and reunions

Guest blog: Maryborough Family Heritage Institute Inc There are many reasons for hosting family reunions and the volunteers at Maryborough’s Family Heritage Institute Inc. enjoy arranging events for the families and descendants of those who bravely left their countries of origin to an unknown land across the sea. It began in Maryborough in 1992 when descendants were invited … Read more

Street Life: Posters and their role in the Brisbane music scene 1975-1995 (project update)

Go-Between & Xero concert poster. Designed by John Willsteed

Guest blogger – John Willsteed, recipient of the Letty Katts Award discusses his project Street Life: Posters and their role in the Brisbane music scene 1975-1995 My first move after the Queensland Memory Awards night was to put out a call on social media (Facebook, in this case). It looked a bit like this: “We are all … Read more

The Brisbane Shakespeare Society

Brisbane Shakespeare Society - Julius Caesar. From The Queenslander, 15 June, 1918. Image 702692-19180615-0028

Guest blogger: Rebecca Clarke. Following the First World War, Brisbane experienced a flourishing literary and cultural scene, marked most prominently by the founding of a remarkable number of cultural societies including the Brisbane Shakespeare Society. Formally established in December 1919, the Society aimed to be a “rallying point for the intellectuals of the country” by … Read more

Commemorating 70 years of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

George Sampson F.R.C.O., 1920. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 147969

Guest blogger: Dr Martin Buzacott – Mittelheuser Scholar-in-Residence, State Library of Queensland. Ever since I began writing my e-book commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, I’ve been asked one particular question over and over. ‘How come the QSO is only celebrating its 70th birthday when the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is already way past … Read more