Gambling and casinos

Treasury Casino, Brisbane, 1996. (In copyright). From GL-50 Casino Complex Photograph Albums 1996. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 130291

Guest blogger: Emeritus Professor Peter Spearritt, curator of Freedom Then, Freedom Now. State governments in every Australian state have legalised poker machines and casinos, primarily because they can tax such activities to contribute to state revenue, helping to pay for schools, hospitals and other responsibilities. Some states embraced these revenue raising possibilities very early, especially … Read more

Age of Consent

The Age of Consent came out on both sides of the Atlantic in the same year,  1938. At the time most books were published overseas and imported into Australia, which made Customs Department, with their total control over what came into the country, our main censor. It was a role they carried out with diligence … Read more

A home of your own

Members of the Rolley and Croker families cooling off on Christmas Day in Beaudesert, Queensland, 1972. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 27429-0001-0001

Guest blogger: Emeritus Professor Peter Spearritt, curator of Freedom Then, Freedom Now. Housing affordability is one of the great issues facing Australia today, with more and more households unable to afford to buy a home. There are many contributing factors to house prices. In the Freedom Then, Freedom Now exhibition we look at land subdivisions … Read more

The Cautious Amorist

The Cautious Amorist was banned in Australia from May 1933 to October 1953, with the authorities citing both indecency and blasphemy. A story of three men and a young woman cast away on a Pacific island, it explored “the effects of shipwreck on maidenly modesty, ministerial morals, and masculine rivalry” and the battle of the sexes which ensued – a battle … Read more

Freedom Then, Freedom Now (5 May – 1 Oct 2017)

Freedom Then, Freedom Now - 5 May to 1 October at State Library of Queensland, Level 4

From drinking, smoking and gambling to voting, marrying and travelling — and everything in between — what are the freedoms that Queenslanders take for granted? Freedom Then, Freedom Now is an intriguing journey into our recent past exploring the freedoms enjoyed and restricted in Queensland and examines what happens when collective good intersects with individual rights. … Read more

Little Red School Book

Little Red Schoolbook

The Little Red School Book was the work of two Danish schoolteachers, Soren Hansen and Jesper Jensen. It appeared in 1969 and then essentially went viral, travelling around the world and whipping up outrage wherever it went. The first Australian edition, published in 1972, was promptly banned by the Queensland Literature Board of Review. In … Read more

New accession: Glen O’Malley Photographs, 1970-1978

30875, Glen O'Malley Photographs, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. In copyright

Accession 30875. A recent acquisition for State Library of Queensland’s Original Materials collection are two photographs by Glen O’Malley, a photographer from North Queensland. Glen has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1975. He has had over thirty solo exhibitions, including Ich Folgte Einfach Nur Den Stufen at Galerie Thorsten Billib, Berlin in 2004 and has … Read more

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery hosts SLQ exhibition

Painting 'Homeward Laddie' being installed at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

Guest blogger: Jayson Althofer – Bolton Library Services Officer, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery Over a century after squatters travelled between Brisbane and their stations on the Darling Downs, a major exhibition about their lives, lands and family fortunes has journeyed up the Range to Toowoomba. Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery is currently hosting a SLQ travelling exhibition, … Read more

Modern Queensland design

On 23 September, as part of the Night in the John Oxley Library series and in conjunction with the Hot Modernism exhibition, Robert Riddel and Eddie Codd joined Ian Townsend for a discussion on modern design in Queensland. The night’s discussions ranged from reminiscences of seminal design businesses West’s Furniture and the Craftsman’s Market, reflections … Read more