Bancroft to Traeger : proposed new electorates honour significant contributions to Queensland

1969 electoral pamphlet for E.V. (Vi) Jordan

The Queensland Redistribution Commission has released its latest proposal for redrawing the state’s electoral boundaries. Electoral boundaries have to be changed periodically to reflect changes in population distribution in the state. This time around four extra seats have been added and others renamed. Some of the new electorates are named after prominent geographical features and some … Read more

Rona Joyner and the Society to Outlaw Pornography

Rona Joyner

The founder of STOP (the Society to Outlaw Pornography) and CARE (the Committee Against Regressive Education), Rona Joyner was either a crackpot or a defender of society’s morals, depending on your point of view. Queensland teachers who were around in the 1970s still wince at the mention of her name.  With the support of the Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, … Read more