Charles Gordon Sebastian Hirst 1826-1890: “an itinerant artist about whom little is known”

Hirst, C. G. S. (1881). Claremont House, the residence of Mr George Bashford, near Ipswich

“An itinerant artist about whom little is known” is the usual description of Charles Gordon Sebastian Hirst, the artist who did naïve depictions of northern New South Wales and Queensland properties. However, State Library of Queensland’s paper conservator, Gajendra Rawat, in restoring Hirst’s work, wondered what background Hirst brought to his paintings. A breakthrough came … Read more

Royal Flying Doctors

HRH Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, and HRH The Duchess of York officially opening John Flynn Place, Cloncurry, 4 October 1988. Image courtesy Queensland State Archives

Guest blogger: Saadia Thomson Dwyer – Queensland State Archives This May marks the 87th anniversary of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). The RFDS quickly became a lifeline for the people of outback Queensland and other remote areas. It was founded by Rev John Flynn, a minister with the Presbyterian Church with a vision to provide … Read more

Heritage listing for the Cairns Technical College and High School building

Cairns Technical College, July 1938. Queensland State Archives Digital Image ID 27002

Guest blogger – Susan Boulton, Queensland State Archives The Queensland Heritage Council listed the Cairns Technical College and High School building on the Queensland Heritage Register in May 2014. Designed by architect Nigel Laman Thomas of the Department of Public Works in July 1938, the following plan held at Queensland State Archives shows the layout … Read more

Queensland Police Service and last police tracker, Coen

Police Detectives and trackers, Blackfellow Creek, Gatton c1899. Queensland State Archives. DID 21878

Guest blogger: Susan Boulton – A/ Manager Public Access, Queensland State Archives Established on 1 January 1864, the Queensland Police Force is celebrating 150 years of service. Since the inception of Queensland and the Police Service, local trackers have been employed, initially to assist troopers and later Queensland Police officers. The hunting skills of Aboriginal trackers … Read more

Join the Queue for Queensland: Tourism posters in Queensland State Archives’ collection

An Island Jewel in a Coral Sea, for Sunny Carefree Holidays, Lovely Lindeman, Big Game Fishing Within the Great Barrier Reef. Painted design featuring beach side scene, c 1939. Queensland State Archives. Digital Image ID 22130

Guest blogger: Niles Elvery – Manager, Public Access, Queensland State Archives You might have already seen the blog post from State Library of Queensland sharing the details of digitised heritage tourism booklets from regions across Queensland. This has prompted us to think about records in our collection on tourism in Queensland. As well as many … Read more

Road Safety Messages

Road Safety Poster - "Bring them back alive", circa 1939 - 1957. Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 25226

Guest blogger: Niles Elvery – Manager, Public Access, Queensland State Archives With the festive season almost upon us, our minds start turning to holidays and family festivities. For the Police and other emergency services however the festive season marks one of the busiest times of the year. With the increased traffic on the roads during … Read more

Working Queensland: Trades and professions at Queensland State Archives

Industrial High School, Brisbane, Science Class, April 1951. Queensland State Archives Digital Image ID 1638

Guest blogger: Niles Elvery – Manager, Public Access, Queensland State Archives Searching for information on the work life or career of a person? Queensland State Archives has lots of records which can help you to find out more about trades and professions in Queensland. Some of the trades and professions represented in the records include … Read more