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Help us collect political ephemera from the 2020 Local Government Elections

Can you help us collection non-Brisbane electoral ephemera! The State Library of Queensland has a significant and historical collection of ephemera.  This material, which is generally regarded by most of us as “throw away” items, provides a unique perspective into Queensland’s social life, popular culture and political viewpoints. Political ephemera is an area of particular … Read more

Astoria Café, Barcaldine

In December 1938, the Longreach Leader newspaper reported the Bellas Bros had donated the entire ‘opening day’ cash takings from the Astoria Café, Barcaldine to the Western Children’s Jubilee Health Association. Migrating from Sparta, Greece, members of the Bellas (Bellesis) family ran the café in Barcaldine for approximately five years because in 1943 it was … Read more

Belle-Vue Café, Roma

A former native of Tsesme in Asia Minor (Turkey), Adoni Karistinos (Tony Caris) was the café owner of the Belle-Vue Café in McDowall Street, Roma. Tony’s partners included his brother Mick (Margariti) Caris, and Anthony Cocolas. Born in the same region in Asia Minor as Tony, Anthony’s sister Penelope Cocolas agreed to accept a proposal … Read more

Vintage Queensland cookery book – Fish as food and fish cookery (1921)

Front cover - Fish as food and fish cookery : with appendix on cooking rabbit and turtle (ca.1921). John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Fish as food and fish cookery : with appendix on cooking rabbit and turtle was compiled by the Department of Instruction, Central Technical College. According to newspaper reports the book was published around 1921. Brisbane’s Daily Standard newspaper (06/04/1921) provide a brief overview of the publication – “There are 74 recipes contained in the book … Read more

Printing Fitzgerald: the Queensland Government Printing Office Under Pressure

Guest bloggers: Matthew Wengert and Louise Martin-Chew – 2019 John Oxley Library Fellows Royal Commissions were more common and less politically ‘interesting’ in the early 20th century (for example, a century ago there were half a dozen Royal Commissions in Queensland alone, with a few running concurrently and some lasting only two or three weeks). … Read more