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2019 Federal election – help us collect political ephemera

Call for assistance to collect non-Brisbane electoral ephemera! The State Library of Queensland has a significant and historical collection of ephemera.  This material, which is generally regarded by most of us as “throw away” items, provides a unique perspective into Queensland’s social life, popular culture and political viewpoints. Political ephemera is an area of particular … Read more

A century of political ephemera: A window onto Queensland politics from 1915-2015

From SLQ's political ephemera collection

Guest blogger: Dr Lorann Downer – 2016 John Oxley Library Fellow. The Queensland state election of 1989 is famous for bringing down the curtain on 32 years of conservative administration and ushering in the Goss Government and a raft of democratic reforms. But it’s also significant for another, lesser-known reason. This election also marks the … Read more

“Shirting” the Issues

KRUDD's 2013 Local Griffith Campaign T-shirt

The democratic process has provided us here at the John Oxley Library a plethora of opportunities to collect contemporary materials. From our last State and Local elections and from ephemera, websites to photographic essays; we have been collecting, capturing and receiving content around the Queensland political landscape of the moment for our future reflecting and … Read more