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Digital Story : Paniyiri Greek Festival of Brisbane (2009)

Dancers at the Paniyiri Greek Festival of Brisbane. From Journey from Yassou to G’Day digital stories. In copyright. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

In 2009, a series of short digital stories highlighting the significant contributions the Greek community has made to Queensland’s agricultural, social, artistic and economic development were filmed through a partnership between the Greek Orthodox Community of Saint George Brisbane, the State Library of Queensland and Team Lacey Consultancy with funding from the Queensland Government’s Q150 … Read more

The Sacred Life of Water: Images of the life of water in Brisbane’s multi-faith communities

Statue of the baby Buddha at Southbank, May 2007. From 7718 Anthony Anderton photographs of the Water and Faith communities in Brisbane. In copyright. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 7718-0001-0012

In late 2007, State Library of Queensland presented an exhibition of images taken by photographer Anthony Anderton called The Sacred Life of Water. The exhibition focuses on the role of water in the practices of Brisbane’s multi-faith communities. Many faiths revere water as a precious gift to be used with care. Long seen as the essence … Read more

Queensland’s migrant heritage on show during the John Oxley Library Discovery Day 2012

Display of collections at the John Oxley Library Discovery Day

As part of Queensland Week celebrations, the State Library of Queensland hosted the John Oxley Library Discovery Day on 2 June. This year’s theme was Queensland’s migrant heritage with a display of items from the historical collections of the John Oxley Library. These included old photographs, letters, diaries, maps, posters, books and more.    Part of this display focused on … Read more