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Wedding Reception at Nick’s Cafe – Do You Know These People?

Wedding reception at Nick’s Cafe, Elizabeth St., Brisbane, ca. 1950s. A recent donation to the John Oxley Library includes this wonderful photograph of a wedding reception which was held at Nick’s Cafe in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, during the 1950s.  Unfortunately the bride and groom, standing at the rear of the group, are unidentified and we … Read more

The Sacred Life of Water: Images of the life of water in Brisbane’s multi-faith communities

Statue of the baby Buddha at Southbank, May 2007. From 7718 Anthony Anderton photographs of the Water and Faith communities in Brisbane. In copyright. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 7718-0001-0012

In late 2007, State Library of Queensland presented an exhibition of images taken by photographer Anthony Anderton called The Sacred Life of Water. The exhibition focuses on the role of water in the practices of Brisbane’s multi-faith communities. Many faiths revere water as a precious gift to be used with care. Long seen as the essence … Read more

Brisbane’s Vietnamese Community Photographs (2005)

Lion dancing at the Phat Da Monastery in Inala during the 30th Anniversary of the Vietnamese refugee settlement in Queensland. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 6317-0001-0228

In August 2005, the Vietnamese community commemorated the 30th anniversary of Vietnamese refugee settlement in Queensland. The first group of 326 refugees from Vietnam arrived in Brisbane on 9 August 1975. A number of special events were held to mark this special anniversary, including a cocktail reception hosted by Lord Mayor Campbell Newman at Brisbane’s … Read more

Brisbane South Sudanese community photographs, 2010-11

Referendum rally, December 2010. From 30852, Brisbane South Sudanese community photographs. Photographer: Hamish Cairns. Image in copyright. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 30852-0002-0002

On July 9, 2011, South Sudan, in East-Central Africa, formally obtained their independence after the results of a referendum showed an overwhelming 98.83% voted for separation. The referendum was held several months earlier in January with ABC News reporting that of the 27,000 southern Sudanese living in Australia, approximately 9,000 were eligible to vote. A … Read more

Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914

Front cover - Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

On April 3, 1914, Brisbane’s Telegraph newspaper promoted the arrival of the Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau’s latest pictorial publication. “Glimpses of Sunny Queensland is a capitally got up picture album, issued by the Queensland Government Intelligence Bureau. It contains 72 pages, the photographs used in the production numbering 86. The pictures represent scenes … Read more