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Missing Heritage – The Queensland Railway Times

Queensland Railway Times, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Ever experienced the terrible disappointment of discovering a gap in our holdings, missing issues which for some reason were never acquired by State Library of Queensland. Sadly, in the case of the Queensland Railway Times, only a few issues exist in our collection. Published in Ipswich by the Queensland Railway Employees’ Association, the Queensland Railway … Read more

Railways in Queensland – History in Pictures

Sydney Mail train on a stone viaduct in the Toowomba Range southern Queensland, ca.1905. John Oxley Library, SLQ. Image APO-020-0001-0005

On July 31, 1865, 150 years ago, Queensland’s first railway line was officially opened. The line ran between Ipswich and Bigge’s Camp (later named Grandchester). Since that time railways have continued to extend throughout the state and provide a vital link to remote communities. State Library of Queensland hold an extensive digitised collection of images … Read more