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125th anniversary of South Brisbane Town Hall – History in Pictures

View of men sitting on the lawn and South Brisbane Town Hall 1935. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 202840

On July 1, 1892, the South Brisbane Municipal Chambers (also known as the South Brisbane Town Hall) were officially opened with a special banquet attended by the Queensland Premier, Sir Samuel Griffith. Construction on the municipal chambers started in 1891 and the building was occupied by the South Brisbane Municipal Council until they were disbanded … Read more

Stephens Paddock, South Brisbane [Highgate Hill], 1890 (Map of the Week)

Stephens Paddock Estate, first section, South Brisbane, 1890. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland has an extensive collection of historical maps of Queensland, some of which have been digitised and can be viewed online. This Brisbane real estate map from 1890 advertises 90 allotments of land for sale at the Stephens Paddock Estate (located in present day Highgate Hill). The allotments were situated along Laura Street, Prospect … Read more

A history of Fish Lane, part 2: The Eodone Aerated Water Company

During the 1880s South Brisbane was thriving.  A busy hub developed around ‘the bridgelands’ near the entrance to the Victoria Bridge.  When the parishioners of St. Thomas’ Church left their modest building for the newly built St. Andrews’, up on higher ground, the Church of England leased the old church out for commercial use. A number of companies … Read more

A history of Fish Lane, part 1: St. Thomas’ Church of England

1859 map plan of the city and environs of brisbane (pink)

Fish Lane in South Brisbane has recently been undergoing a rapid process of gentrification and revitalisation, with bars and restaurants popping up along it and and concerted effort being made to make it a fashionable southside destination. However, for decades this narrow alleyway which currently runs between Grey and Manning Streets, was a neglected back … Read more

Retro Fashion – Ponds clothing catalogues

Ponds sales catalogue, Summer 1939. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Take a journey back in time and discover what Queenslanders were wearing way back when by flipping through our Queensland fashion catalogues. State Library of Queensland has recently digitised several fashion catalogues from the Brisbane firm Ponds. Ponds was a mail-order clothing firm and promoted itself as “the house that sells its frocks direct from manufacturer to … Read more