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Deb Miles interview: from 1920s Japan to our robotic future!

1920s Japan

UK-based library consultant Ethan Ohs recently interviewed our very own Deb Miles, Executive Manager of Regional Partnerships, to talk about library innovation, building professional networks, and looking the future square in the eye. Deb introduces Ethan to Ozobots and our Ozofarm game, asking provocative questions like “Will farmers be our next generation of coders?” Ethan … Read more

Let’s get our regions on Wikipedia

SLQ training

Jacinta Sutton from State Library’s Discovery Services team recently sat down with Wikipedian Kerry Raymond to talk about her work with Wikipedia and their #1lib1ref campaign. First things first, what’s a Wikipedian? “Anyone who edits a Wikipedia article is a Wikipedian”, says Kerry. By that standard, Kerry is a Wikipedian extraordinaire. A retired computer science … Read more