Visit and select your own LOTE

Queensland public library staff are invited to visit State Library’s Cannon Hill facility to select items from the Languages other than English (LOTE). Over 50 public libraries visited our LOTE services to make a selection in 2016.

Noosa Library Service

Kate, Suzanne and Judy from Noosa Library Service selecting LOTE from the collection.

Book your visit now or call us on 3842 9007 to organise a tour of the collection and to learn about our LOTE services.

There are more than 55 languages, with Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Polish, Punjabi (mostly DVDs) and Tamil the most borrowed. Several libraries report that Arabic is becoming increasingly popular.

Add your library name to this LOTE poster to promote the collection in your library. See the Community Profiles from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to see what languages are spoken in your region.

Selection of LOTE

Sachi Sands with a selection of LOTE.

Visitors say:

  • Our regular LOTE selections are always well managed, and questions are answered promptly and professionally.
  • Our selections are handled smoothly and efficiently.

LOTE is continually refreshed with new stock. We have just received Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish which includes DVDS and picture books. Book now to select your LOTE, or complete the online form to request your preferred language. Contact