STEM.I.AM = Black and Deadly!

The STEM.I.AM coding and robotics grant is focused on building connections between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and libraries. The aim is to develop activities that will increase STEM engagement for Indigenous students from grades 5 to 12.

To help close the literacy and numeracy gap, we need to support greater participation in STEM from young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from diverse community backgrounds.

The hope is that by participating in coding and robotics, students will be inspired to study in a STEM field at university.
Grants can be used to target activities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the following ways:

  • coding and robotics workshops in public libraries – funds could be used for technology, staff training, or marketing
  • support for participants to join existing coding/robotics clubs, leagues etc.
  • support for high performing workshop/club/league participants to compete in state, national and international coding and robotics competitions – funds could registration fees, travel and accommodation costs
  • establishing new coding/robotic clubs or competitions in communities where none exist – funds could be used for set-up costs such as venue hire, staff training, marketing and coding and robotics platforms/technologies.


Advance Queensland STEM.I.AM Program

The Advance Queensland STEM.I.AM – increasing STEM engagement for Indigenous students from grades 5 to 12.

For further details about the program partners and other activities across the state visit the Advance Queensland STEM.I.AM website.  To see STEM.I.AM stories and other media collected by Carbon Media visit the STEM.I.AM Portal.

For more information about robotics and coding resources or to discuss your grant application contact Regional Partnerships or call 3842 9049.