OzoFarm Game Competition Winners Announced

Up and coming robot farmers across the state put their creativity to the test over school holidays to participate in the OzoFarm game competition. Of all the entries, the ones from Ipswich and Fraser Coast libraries demonstrated the best understanding of how to make the game more strategic and push each opponent’s coding knowledge to the limit.

Ipswich Libraries' OzoFarm Game

It’s every farmer for themselves on Ipswich Libraries’ Future Farm.

Both libraries have won an Ozobot prize pack courtesy of Education Technology Specialists, so they can continue their learning with coding and robotics, and to award their innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Congratulations Ipswich and Fraser Coast!

The game from Ipswich pit farmer against farmer in a cutthroat code battle to produce the most crops in the year 2500.  The DigiTech Chat group at Maryborough on the Fraser Coast worked as a team to identify how to make the game run more smoothly and then set a time limit to make sure competitors were thinking fast.

Fraser Coast robotics

Plotting the future of farming with Ozobots on the Fraser Coast.

To kick-start your imagination, visit the Public Libraries Connect Ozobot resources page and check out the Ozobot Game Zone.  You could even combine human movement and robot movement in a coded version of Simon Says!

Also, keep watching this space for more custom OzoFarm games from libraries across the state.

We’d love to hear more about how you’re using Ozobots in your library and share your programming ideas here on the Public Libraries Connect blog.  Email your Ozobot photos and activities to regionalpartnerships@slq.qld.gov.au and be featured in one of our upcoming robotics posts.