Instant Professional Development – Moreton Bay Style

It’s not always possible to travel to a training session, or buy a trainer in from elsewhere. So how can libraries challenge and develop their own staff without breaking the bank?

Matt has been developing Presenterless Workshops for some time now, working with Queensland Heritage Leaders, digital inclusion stakeholders, and visitors to the Brisbane Writers Festival.

The idea behind a presenter-less session is that each participant receives a challenge to complete or discuss, and by doing so, the whole group comes together to address an issue, bringing their own concerns, ambitions, dreams, experiences, and expertise to the table.

This is the Presenterless session we ran at Moreton Bay last week (PDF download). This session was designed to provoke thoughts about innovation and change in a library context – on the basis that innovation is not something handed down from on high, but generated from the ground up – and your own staff’s thoughts and ambitions and skills are worth just as much as external case studies.

Presenterless workshops

Lively discussion can ensue without a presenter at the helm, as these Moreton Bay workshop participants demonstrate.


If you can gather a group of five or more staff and/or stakeholders, you can run this activity in your own venue.  You could schedule this as part of a staff meeting, a designated training session, or perhaps over a morning tea.

You can Download the Presenterless Innovation Session PDF now and if you want more on the notion of participant-led workshops check out Beyond Panels.