Robotics fun at Queensland’s Stonehenge library

Two of Stonehenge’s seven school children got a taste of the many available robotics resources when State Library’s Matt Finch and Tammy Joynson visited the library earlier this month.

Kaitlyn who is 11, and Paige who is 9, along with Library Administrator Judy Baldry, quickly familiarised themselves with the Ozobot and Sphero platforms, with Caitlin swiftly creating a pop-up maze for Sphero with the I love Barcoo stickers on offer from the co-located information centre.

Situated 151 kilometres south-west of Longreach, Stonehenge is the only town of three in the Barcoo shire where you can receive Telstra mobile coverage. It has a stable population of about 30 residents.

The library knows that technology is the key to the future and is keen to keep up with advances in phones and computers; provide digital training, particularly for seniors; and partner with the local school to provide more coding and robotics opportunities for the students.

Robotics at Stonehenge library

Sphero loves Barcoo too! Here, the robot is being put to the test by Kaitlyn at the Stonehenge Library.

State Library’s Kits for loan, soon to be updated with some new technologies, are now high on the priority list for Judy.