Writing tips for work and leisure with Lynda.com

Have you got library customers or Council staff you want to keep in touch with, or do you want to spread the word about your great services and facilities?  Do you need help to improve your writing, or perhaps you have library members who need help with study or their communication skills?

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State Library of Queensland provides free access to Lynda.com to all Queensland public library, IKC and State Library members. Lynda.com has more than 4,000 courses on business, creative and leisure skills with new courses added every week. Lynda.com is the perfect place to find information on writing, grammar and proofreading for your audience. Here are some examples of the courses:

Writing for the web

Learn practical techniques for writing successfully on the web, including loading content, writing at an appropriate level, avoiding jargon, and keeping content up to date. Make sure your writing provides a positive user experience.

Learn Facebook: The Basics

Thinking about starting a library or Council Facebook page? This course shows how to share the latest news and pictures and learn about privacy online. Build a Facebook account from scratch, personalize your profile, discover how to post status updates and tag friends. Plus, find out how to upload photos and videos to Facebook.

Yammer Essential Training

Yammer is a Microsoft platform for sharing news. Learn the essential features of Yammer 2016. Find how to join or create a Yammer network, communicate via posts, messages, and chat; collaborate on files; and create and administer groups.

Blog Training

Want to start a blog but now sure how? Learn how to get the most out of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. Create and publish posts and pages; customise your site with themes, and learn how to get more readers using social media sharing and comments.

Writing to be Heard on LInkedIn

Head to Lynda.com to learn how to stand out on LinkedIn.

Want to be Heard on LinkedIn?

Learn how to write a winning profile on LinkedIn by watching this video and develop a following and demonstrate expertise in your field. Learn best practice for writing great posts and find tips for amplifying your reach on LinkedIn.

Writing in Plain English

Communicate better with your audience by perfecting your writing technique.

Writing in Plain English

Learn to write plain, clear and straightforward English, targeted at the appropriate reading level and free of jargon, wordiness, and clichés. Plain English is the standard for business and government communication. Topics include: understanding plain English, catching mistakes by reading aloud, and simplifying sentences.

Writing Headlines

Learn to capture your readers’ attention with candid and catchy headlines. There are tips and techniques for crafting attention grabbing headlines for websites, newsletters, press releases and social media posts.

Lynda.com has a range of courses to help you improve your writing skills, whether you are writing for business leisure or education. Let students, council staff and local businesses know about the variety of Lynda.com courses on offer.