Public Library Strategic Priorities Grant – closing 5pm Friday 31 March

Grants of up to $25,000 per project are available for public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres to deliver strategic initiatives that creatively meet the needs of your local community.

The grant focuses on the themes outlined in The Next Horizon: Vision 2017 for Public Libraries (Creative community spaces; Connectors – physical and virtual; Technology trendsetters; Incubators of ideas, learning and innovation), or for projects that support the OPAL Program objectives to support the transition to digital modes of delivery to make content, services and programs accessible to everyone, which includes increasing access and digital literacy skills.

This means that projects like hosting an ‘innovation sprint’; exploring local historical content by encouraging the development of new digital artworks; or delivering workshops and outreach programs which introduce experimental new technologies or concepts to disadvantaged community groups could all be possible with a Strategic Priorities Grant from SLQ. It all depends on what your community needs and who you could partner with to deliver a new initiative.

Public Library Strategic Priorities Grant

Flexible grant themes to support a variety of project ideas.

You can find more great project ideas in the grant guidelines or right here on the Public Libraries Connect blog.