Join the Sphero Dance Party!

What do you do with a set of SPRK+ Spheros? Have a Sphero Dance Party of course!

Sphero dance party

Say hello to Sphero

Spheros are a durable spherical robot that, when paired with Bluetooth enabled devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.), can be driven, coded and even dance.

The Sphero Lab app comes preloaded with a dance party activity, providing step- by- step instructions and a checklist to make running your own dance party easy. The app also outlines the required supplies, time as well as appropriate age groups for the activity.

To run a dance party be sure to include:

  • a lesson plan including video demonstration to get the kids excited
  • paper and pens for planning dance routines
  • time to code and test code
  • music, dance floor and disco ball (not essential)

A dance floor cannot be overlooked. Spehros are a serious trip hazard. A space to contain the Spheros is essential for keeping you and your dance instructors safe.

Spheros are incredibly flexible robots and have numerous features which can be coded, including, lights, motion and speed – even jumping! Once participants have conquered the basic features of the robot there are numerous opportunities to further challenge participants. Test spatial awareness by setting dance-off challenges such as navigating a maze or timing actions to music.

Sphero dance party

Sphero dance party at Redlands City Council Library Service

Redland Libraries has run this program multiple times now in our Code Clubs and school holiday activities. Each time we have had great attendance and engaged and happy participants – plus plenty of great dance moves.

Aaron Trenorden is a Library Technician at Redland City Council. He and his team run Code Redlands at Cleveland Library; a coding and robotics program dedicated to creating a an environment where participants can explore, learn and create.