My recent experience of SLQ’s Professional Development ….

Karen Hewett works at Noosa Library Service as the First5Forever Project Officer.  She recently attended the SLQ Innovation in Libraries professional development in North Lakes at Moreton. Read on to hear her summary of the day’s highlights as well as some insights from the sessions.

Karen Hewett

Karen Hewett at Innovation in Libraries

Design Thinking For Libraries

By Chenoa Pettrup, Program Coordinator, Asia Pacific Design Library, SLQ

Moreton Bay Professional Development

A state wide library card is the solution!

This was a fast paced creative thinking session. Each practical component of this session was performed in groups and had a limited time frame. Our group used the process of inquire, ideate and implement to identify a target audience and brainstorm ideas to satisfy their needs. Our solution:  a State wide library card!

Insight gained from this session

Brainstorming ideas with a short timeframe gives people the courage to share ideas without judgement from themselves or others. The use of the quadrant which make you assess whether your project is easy, impossible, radical or pragmatic revealed that while an idea may initially seem impossible – that may not actually be the case. I could really see how this style of finding solutions would be useful in programming meetings.

Digital Innovation Speedway

By SLQ and Moreton Bay Regional Libraries

Moreton Bay Professional Development

Blue Bots are on the wish list

I attended 6 out of 8 robotics stations: Virtual Reality, Blue Bots, 3D printer, Spheros, Dots and Dashes and EZ Robot JD Humanoid (like a mini NAO). I had the most fun with Spheros and could see these being used for all ages including an evening youth night (like a disco theme) as they light up. Moreton Bay Regional Libraries have had great success using the Blue Bots with seniors. They are easy to use, nearly indestructible and provide a stepping stone to more advanced coding. The only robot I wasn’t overly wowed with was the EZ Robot.

Insight from this session

Maybe we could consider running more robotics sessions specifically aimed at seniors using the Ozobots and hopefully Blue Bots in the future. Spheros, Blue Bots and Dots and Dashes are on my robotics wish list!

Were We Promised Jetpacks?

By Matt Finch, Creative in Residence, Regional Partnerships, SLQ

Moreton Bay Professional Development

Saving the world with STEM skills!

If you have already had the pleasure of hearing Matt present you will know to expect the unexpected. He had us replicating cocktails to find a solution to stop the world ending. Using a pack of playing cards with STEM careers on them, we managed to do just that. Noosa was gifted a pack of these cards from SLQ.

Insights from this session

We could easily replicate this activity in the branches during a team meeting. It would take about 10-15 minutes. Also, it really cemented the concept that no matter what is thrown at you; if you look at it creatively you will find the tools to solve the problem. Library staff constantly think on their feet to meet customer’s changing needs. It really made me appreciate the diversity of our team and how each of us has specialised skills making the collective team adaptable and resourceful.

Strategies, Standards and Services

Deb Miles, Executive Manager, Regional Partnerships, SLQ

Moreton Bay Professional Devlopment

What’s next for the NEXT Horizon?

We were each given a copy of VISION 2017 and asked to provide feedback on any changes we would like to see in the new edition. The Noosaville team provided feedback that we would value the addition of a summary of the key themes and how and when we should use it.  Deb advised that an OPAL grant and another Tech Savvy Senior Grant will be open soon. Also SLQ will be offering 12 professional development sessions this year. A review of the current Queensland public library standards and guidelines is happening and attendees voted on which one they would like SLQ to focus on first. It wasn’t revealed which one had the most votes at the time.

Insights from this session

Be more aware of the content of VISION 2017 and to look out for future PD opportunities. I also plan to regularly read the PL Connect blog to stay more up to date with happenings from SLQ and other public libraries.

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About the author:

Karen Hewett is a First5Forever Project Officer at Noosa Library Service.