Science fiction flourishes with QUT in Bundaberg

We’re all about the Digital Future at SLQ right now – and while the hottest place in Brisbane is our Digital Lab on the South Bank, our exploration of technology, social change, and the coming future stretches across the Sunshine State.

While Tyler and Alan from SLQ take our Robot Roadshows from town to town out West, and other robots conquer everywhere from Russell Island to the landlocked Barcoo Shire, our very own Matt Finch headed out to Bundaberg with Queensland University of Technology and Creative Regions for a science-fiction workshop exploring local writers’ visions of the future.

Women from across the Wide Bay region came together for games and storytelling activities which helped them to imagine the shape of things to come. While QUT staff coached them on their own personal writing projects or helped them to devise digital stories based on Bundaberg’s past, Matt helped them to stitch their sci-fi visions into a single timeline extending out to the year 3017.

Some of the scenarios were bleak, some were funny – but they were all testaments to our belief in human ingenuity and the power of problem-solving…even if there was little evidence of a utopia awaiting us at the end of days.

Maybe that’s just country pragmatism showing itself: life is always hard, but even if we have to show a bit of grit, we get there in the end.

Check out the Bundaberg science fiction scenarios on YouTube.