By George St George!

18 RLQ library staff travelled from neighbouring councils to the St George Cultural Centre for a full day of professional development in April.

Regional PD took place in St George in April

SLQ was warmly welcomed to St George to deliver a Regional Professional Development for public library staff

Community outreach and developing community partnerships were the focus, and the training encouraged participants to spend time exploring the five key questions outlined in the We Love Community Outreach Model of Engagement
(WELCOME toolkit).
After identifying as many community partners as possible in an intensive 2 minute brainstorm (one person managed to think of 22!), they were tasked with designing a program that could be run by the library involving one of the partners listed. This naturally led into a discussion about finding grants to help fund library programs, and how library staff can help Council to articulate the essential role that libraries play in the social and cultural life of their communities.
In the afternoon we completely changed gears, getting down to practical processes of the Aurora catalogue, in particular generating all manner of reports and searching for LOTE resources to engage the growing migrant population slowly trickling into this beautiful south west corner of Queensland.