STEAMing into the future

Public libraries have long been supporting the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) agenda in interesting and innovative ways. Now, the ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance has created an advocacy document to show everyone just what can be achieved through local government investment and library staff skills and creativity.


Children are naturally creative and the public library provides an ideal setting and atmosphere to nurture STEM engagement activities suitable for all ages, with varying capabilities.

How Public Libraries Contribute to the STEM Agenda 2017 showcases a number of initiatives from across Australia and the world in a demonstration of the unique positioning of libraries as community centres of informal learning for all ages and abilities. The document comes out of the STEAM into Sydney conference, held in early 2017 to highlight international STEAM programs and thinking.

Read about State Library of Queensland’s own programming at The Edge, and gather inspiration and ideas from libraries as widespread as Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada, as well as from across Australia. From code clubs to large-scale events, hands-on activities to new spaces and places, there’s sure to be a new idea to inspire programming in your own library.

Be sure to share the advocacy tool with your Council and community, and look to the Championing your library page on Public Libraries Connect for more advocacy ideas.