5 minutes with Lorraine Gray

Lorraine is a Library Officer from Springsure Library and is a lifelong library lover – she believes the value of libraries lies in their inclusiveness.

How did you first come to be part of the libraries? I have always been involved in libraries, from a child to having my own children. I have been employed in libraries now for 6 years.

Can you share a memorable story from your time in libraries? A traveller came in one day – he had been travelling for many years with his wife and we spent many hours talking about his adventures. Other customers came in and joined in the conversation.

What do you love most about libraries? It is a place for everyone.

What do you think libraries need to do next? Continue to be open to all. Keep up with community needs and have the resources available.

If you were a library manager what would be the number one thing you would do? Encourage staff development.

Lorraine Gray

Lorraine Gray