National Local Government Twitter Day

On August 1st, Councils, stakeholders and communities will light up Twitter to showcase the important and diverse work of Local Government across Australia using the hashtag #YourRatesAtWork


Who will be tweeting?

The day will be led by a coalition of every Local Government peak body in Australia, as well as the Australian Local Government Association – the national peak body.

Councils across the country will be invited to participate, as well as encourage their communities to join the national conversation on Twitter.

Key peak bodies and national organisations, influential champions and other levels of government are also encouraged to join the fun and help showcase the work of Councils

How can my Council participate?

The idea is to spotlight all the services your Council provides to its community, for 24 hours on August 1st. Just make sure you hashtag all tweets with #YourRatesAtWork

Here are some ideas for showcasing the many hats that your Council wears via Twitter!

  • Live stream an interview with your Mayor, a Councillor, or a library worker. Learn more about using Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming app here.
  • Tweet fun facts, titbits and updates about your library or Council business or scope.
  • Invite a Mayor or Councillor to ‘takeover’ your Twitter account and live tweet their day.
  • Use pictures from community events, of local assets (like libraries, parks and pools) or staff in action (collecting rubbish, running a library program or sweeping streets) to help paint a picture of the role you play in your community.
  • Create a poll (learn how here) which asks your community members which service you provide to them they value most.
  • Get creative! Use GIFS or film a short video clip on your iPhone to keep your content engaging and fun.
  • Brief your Councillors using Twitter and arm them with key messages and ideas.

Help us pre-promote

Promotion of the event has already kicked off. Your Council can access a set of Twitter assets and images to use via Drop Box.

Suggested tweets

Australian Councils are coming together on August 1st to share their story! Join in using the hashtag #YourRatesAtWork

Help us light up Twitter on 1st August 1st. Share what your Council means to you using the hashtag #YourRatesAtWork

We’ll be live tweeting our day on August 1st – along with hundreds of other Councils on Twitter. Join the fun using #YourRatesAtWork

We’re proud to belong to the level of government closest to the people. Join us August 1st for National Local Government Twitter Day #YourRatesAtWork.

Librarians pointing at a map

Public library staff from all over Queensland point to their libraries on the map