Make Time for Australian Reading Hour

Australian Reading Hour logo

It’s a simple and powerful concept − read a book for an hour on the nominated day. However, this year, it’s different. The emphasis of the campaign has expanded from sharing a book with your child to an opportunity for all ages to experience the joys of reading.

ALIA’s Australian Public Library Alliance runs the annual Reading Hour and Australian Reading Hour has been around since 2012 – here’s what they’ll be doing this year:

  • Enlisting celebrity ambassadors for children and adults to inspire participation
  • Generating coverage in national newspapers and other news channels in the lead up to the day

Here’s the message:

Pick up a book and read for an hour on your own or with children on Thursday, 14 September

Here are some ideas for what your library can do:

  • Register your library event online
  • Download the resources from the Australian Reading Hour website
  • Get celebrity writers, media partners, major businesses and politicians involved
  • Choose your own local ambassador to read on the day e.g. a librarian, an author or a local Councillor

You can register your interest and download resources from the Australian Reading Hour website or visit the ALIA website for more information. Why not share your ideas of how to promote this event and make it something for everyone?