A Grown Up Coding Course (Free!)

The Padbot telepresence robot is making it possible for participants from any community across the State to participate remotely in free Learn to Code training offered onsite at State Library.  Sessions are run on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm in eight week courses.

Learning is through a series of challenges, with a culminating presentation of a coded program prototype to local industry experts.

Remote participants use their own tablet and Wi-Fi connection to direct the Padbot, which acts as their eyes and ears through HD video chat and gives the ability to move around the training room to interact with peers and make sure no detail is missed.

Learning to code isn’t just for students.

This opportunity enables community members from areas of Queensland where this type of training is not readily available to build their digital capability and skills to take on the challenges of an increasingly technological world.

All school students will learn to code from year two under the revised ACARA school curriculum, which may mean some parents may be faced with homework they’re unable to help with.  The Learn to Code course empowers adults with a basic understanding of coding languages and lays the foundation for further learning.

While many libraries are already offering coding courses, many are targeted at the younger generation. Presented by IT etc. TrainingLearn to Code serves to meet the need for adult learning in an informal and fun environment and demystify coding.

Keen to participate? Email regionalpartnerships@slq.qld.gov.au.

More Information

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IT etc. Training: http://www.itetc.com.au/

Padbot: http://www.padbot.com/

Email regionalpartnerships@slq.qld.gov.au