Summer Reading Club: GAME ON! Get ready, join in and read on for more ideas

This year’s Summer Reading Club theme is GAME ON. Libraries across the country are looking forward to a summer celebration of sports, games, technology and team spirit as they encourage their young library patrons to play, solve, participate and read.

Did you know that as a Queensland public library you could receive 1 promotional kit and 1 bag of 100 SRC character buttons (37mm) free if you are registered in the Summer Reading Club program?

This program is led by State Library of Queensland in partnership with the Australian Public Library Association (APLA).

Am I registered?

74% of Queensland libraries are presently involved in the delivery of the national program in their spaces from December to late January. If you aren’t then do so now here – it’s free!

If your library received materials last year – you are already registered for the 2018 program, and will receive materials from State Library of Queensland later this year.

Do I need to place an order?

In addition to the program resource kit and SRC buttons, there are other materials available for you to customise or bulk up your kit materials. You only need to place an order if you require EXTRA materials – and note that if you want to order additional program materials, the deadline is Sunday 27 August.  To view the 2017 program merchandise and place your order, click here!

So many resources, so many ideas!

Traditionally, libraries use the bookmarks, sticker sheets and other items in the resource kit to incentivise their library holiday programs and encourage recreational reading and participation.

There are ideas for how to use these materials on the Summer Reading Club program website, and more ideas will be posted in future SRC NewslettersClick here to view August’s update on how to activate the theme. Also, don’t forget to check out the graphic suite of resources presently available for download from the SRC Dropbox. Activity sheets and templates will be added in September.

If you have any questions, or would like to share ways your library is using the SRC resources please contact us on 07 3840 7853 or send an email to

We are looking forward to seeing your spaces filled with enthusiastic readers this summer!