Regional and rural Fun Palaces shine across Queensland

As vital community hubs, libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) are perfectly placed to host Fun Palaces. In the last 2 years, events have been offered big urban libraries like State Library and Brisbane Central as well as by many small and medium-sized libraries and IKCs in regional and rural areas across Queensland.

Fun Palaces are based on values like collaboration, participation and community connections which matter much more than an organization’s location or size. Here are just a few examples from the last 2 years:

Torres Shire Council/Ngulaig Meta Library called their event Titui Gul which means “Starship” in the Mabuiag language. The idea came from Thursday Island librarian Mavis Bani, who created a world in which aliens and robots visited the Torres Strait to learn about the islands from children. The Titui Gul Fun Palace blended arts and crafts, circus, science workshops, storytelling and performance and welcomed families and community attendees across all ages.

Longreach Regional Council teamed with local biological archaeologist, Dr Karrie Anderson by holding a 2-hour Egyptian Dig. Thirteen enthusiastic and engaged young people aged 6-14 participated, proving that small Fun Palaces are just as inspiring as large ones.

Beaudesert Library/Scenic Rim Regional Council held Fun Palaces across 3 venues and included hands-on activities such as woodwork, pottery, snow and sherbet making, cartooning, sewing and card-making. The program aligned with the council’s theme Caring for Our Community and organisers engaged a local cartoonist to capture ideas developed during the event.

Libraries of all sizes can host a Fun Palace

Libraries of all sizes can host a Fun Palace – Image by Beaudesert Library, Scenic Rim Regional Council


Gold Coast City Council/Helensvale Branch Library held a Fun Palace event that attracted over 300 participants. Activities including robotics, STEM, Lego, manga art and film-making, and the Council were delighted with the number of fathers who attended with their children, engaging in activities together. Check out their video:

SLQ is happy to share ideas

Fun Palaces can help introduce new skills and ideas – Image by Helensvale Library, Gold Coast City Council

Rockhampton Regional Library ran a “Zombie Apocalypse” Fun Palace last year. The organisers were really happy that they were able to provide a voice for young scientists and the event encouraged independent thinking, problem solving ability and communication skills. Press coverage here:

State Library is keen to support Queensland libraries and IKCs to have a Fun Palace event as there are clearly so many community and organisational benefits. If you’re not sure if you would like to host, or this is your first Fun Palace, we are happy to discuss options and ideas with you and provide a supportive ear. Please email Emma & Anne on or call us on 3840 7768.

If you have previously hosted a Fun Palace and have an activity or short story to share on this page we’d love to hear from you! Please upload your story here: or email through any questions to  Fun Palaces UK has also recently made Free Fun Palace images available for you to use this year, inspired by real Fun Palace Makers and activities.

Let’s spread the word and keep this community growing!