First 5 Forever 3D Frog

Logan City Council libraries have brought their First Five Forever programs into the digital realm by using their 3D printer to make a movable frog doll created by Louise Driggers, and it bears the likeness of the frog featured in the First 5 Forever promotional video. The frog doll has created quite a stir and prompted numerous discussions about the various programs and resources the library has to offer.

First 5 Forever Coordinator for Logan Libraries, Marnie Julin shares her story:

“I went to a Pre-Prep expo this morning and I took our First 5 Forever 3D frog as company, as I was otherwise on my own.  It seems our 3D printed frog was the highlight for little people. I told my little visitors that he was a special frog that was made in our library.  This was a bit exciting for many! As a result, 36 memberships were signed up as they were super keen about what we have on offer. There was such a crowd of families I couldn’t sign them all up. Many were happy to take information on how to sign up, using the easier online registration option.

I think our frog is a great conversation starter and I keep telling people how libraries really are the place to be and you wouldn’t even guess how much goes on in these awesome hubs of activity!”

Marnie says she recognises that Logan’s nine library branches are lucky to have a passionate staff member who’s always ready to grow the First 5 Forever brand’s digital presence in Logan, as a means of getting people talking in the community.  In addition to the frog doll, the 3D printer has been used to produce frog bookmarks for handing out at First 5 Forever presentations.  It’s an excellent cross-promotional opportunity that supports other services that families may not be aware of that our libraries offer.

With many parents utilising smart devices for interactive play with their young ones, introducing the building blocks of digital literacy starts at a young age.  Many libraries are quickly realising that technology activities should not just be reserved for the eager teens interested in Code Club, and should be inclusive of all ages and abilities.  Robotics like the Code-a-pillar, Cubetto and BlueBot are designed to let children’s creativity and imaginations loose, at the same time they’re setting out on their literacy journey.

There’s no telling what the world of the future will look like, and it’s important to give children the opportunity to develop the skills they’ll need to navigate the increasingly digital world.

What’s more, there’s no denying that a 3D printed frog doll is the perfect way to get parents and carers excited about the technology libraries have to offer.

Logan Libraries technical services officer Dan Park shares the idea that keeps him motivated:

“I’m always inspired by Bill Gates saying that “We are changing the world with technology”.  For me, it’s just good practice that this change is happening by engaging families in the wonder and magic that our digital world can bring to play.”

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