LGAQ launches LG Sherlock

“Big data” is a term that describes the large volume of data, both structured and unstructured collected by business and government every day. The analysis of “Big data” has the potential to transform how organisations harness this data and use it to identify new opportunities.

For all government agencies one of the biggest challenges is to deal with the tightening of budgets without diminishing service quality. The importance of “Big data” analysis for the government sector can be found in these three areas:

  • Cost control and reduction – “Big data” analytics can bring significant cost savings in identifying more efficient ways of providing services,
  • Faster, better decision making – identifying new sources of data and better analysis of existing datasets can improve decision making at the local and macro levels,
  • New and improved services – “Big data” analytics can identify new service opportunities or provide insights into ways to improve existing services.

The LG Sherlock data portal was launched on 17 October 2017 at the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Conference in Gladstone, with Queensland public library data being one the three segments chosen as a feature of the preview. State Library of Queensland (State Library) has provided historic public library statistical datasets and will continue to provide annual updates as they are finalised. If additional datasets that may prove useful can be identified these will be also be provided in the future.

Word Cloud "Big Data"

Word Cloud “Big Data”



LGAQ plans to rollout LG Sherlock in early 2018 and will offer the service to councils free until 2019. This period will allow councils to improve their data capabilities and experience the benefits of LG Sherlock first hand.  This period will also allow LGAQ to improve its service delivery and knowledge of all the possibilities LG Sherlock can provide to Queensland’s councils.


Find out how your council can become involved here.