5 minutes with Nicole from Laidley

How did you first come to be part of the libraries?

It was quite some time ago that I started in a library.  I had finished grade 12 and was going to Toowoomba TAFE but not enjoying being away from home (Toowoomba is 35 km from Gatton lol).  Anyhow, a library assistant job came up at Gatton.  My mum pushed me to apply for this job and I fought her as I wasn’t a reader and never will claim to be.  Anyhow, I wanted a local job so I applied for it and 24 years later still love it.   Since then, I’ve studied at Edith Cowan Uni and also then Charles Sturt Uni.   I’m so glad Mum and I had that little discussion about applying for the position.

Can you share a memorable story from your time in libraries?

There have been many memorable stories from my time in Libraries, how we used to do things, what we now do and how much things have changed.   From doing ILLs using a Microfiche reader and pen and paper, but the most memorable at the moment is the resilience of my library team and how we have waited a long time for a fabulous new library.

What do you love most about libraries?

I love libraries, the variation that we provide to the community and how we can be that special place for so many people.  Our customer service dedication is one that stands out and something we should be proud of.  We will remember that customer who spoke to us several weeks ago about a topic and then reserved the book for them.   We have great relationships with our people.

What do you think libraries need to do next?

We need break down the barriers for the people who are unaware of what we do.  We need to find a way to encourage them to see what libraries offer today.   It is so much more than a book so we need to stop using the book as our tool of promotion and promote all that we do.

If you had unlimited resources what would be the number one thing you would do?

Wow…..this one is a difficult one to answer because my imagination goes wild.  Become a private enterprise so all the barriers would be removed, we would be able to do whatever we needed for the customers and the flexibility to do something a little different would be there without having the red tape to jump through.

Nicole Kilah  (Nic) is Branch Co-Ordinator at Laidley Library  (Lockyer Valley Libraries).