Digital Signage using Raspberry Pis

Have you ever needed a screen that would display a video playlist or an image slideshow that would loop? Perhaps you wanted it to run 24/7 and needed to make changes remotely? This type of display is referred to as digital signage!

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi


Digital signage is a great way to:

  • promote library services
  • list upcoming events and keep users up-to-date with what’s going on in your space
  • share new collection items/releases
  • display the library’s Twitter feed
  • display the time, date, weather and library hours.

Creating an inexpensive digital sign for your library is easy! You will need a Raspberry Pi, some free open source digital software, and an old monitor or liquid-crystal display (LCD). Raspberry Pis are excellent replacements for expensive signage equipment and a great entry tool for library staff who want to learn to code. You can pick one up for under $60.

There are many videos and step- by-step lessons available online that will explain how to setup an LCD on the Raspberry Pi and program it with free software. Here’s one using Python software.

Here is a list of resources for further information: