It’s Game On in IKCs, Libraries and Schools

Today marks Summer Reading Club Eve.

Many of you countdown to Christmas… but for the past 6 years I have lauded the 30th of November as my ultimate deadline–SRC Eve. (Is this how Santa feels?)

Summer Reading Club: Game On

Summer Reading Club: Game On

Tomorrow the 2017 Summer Reading Club: Game On program, led by SLQ in partnership with the Australian Libraries and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian Public Libraries Alliance (APLA) and state and public libraries nationwide, launches!

From 1 December through 31 January, in participating libraries and online, children, young people and families will be encouraged to play, solve, participate, and read this summer in celebration of sports, games, technology and team spirit. Reading for fun through the summer combats the loss of academic gains made during the school year, encourages a love of recreational reading, and as a library based program puts your amazing spaces front and centre all summer long!

So to celebrate all those championing summer reading in their spaces this summer–video is for you!

(Thanks to Lesley Acres for filming!)


Note to staff: Your children are encouraged and eligible to participate. If you have any questions relating to your child/grandchild’s participation please email