Free Q ANZAC 100 projection available for your use

What are your 2018 Centenary of Anzac plans? Would you like an opportunity to access a free product to enhance the event for your patrons? Even if you are not planning an event and just want something to use during the year as a link to the centenary, this is for you.

With the final year of the Centenary of Anzac and First World War fast approaching in 2018, State Library of Queensland through Q ANZAC 100 is giving you the opportunity to use the Q ANZAC 100 projection.



This Q ANZAC 100 projection is a moving selection of beautiful historic images that tell the story of Queenslanders during the First World War. This emotional, thought-provoking collection of images from State Library of Queensland is accompanied by a Queensland Symphony Orchestra ensemble soundtrack.  It has been curated especially for the project. The images, projected on a big screen, the side of a building, or other venue, track our wartime experience, from recruitment to victory parades. It runs for approximately 17 minutes and can be run in a loop over several hours.

Projection on side of building

The projection is available for your use at any time. It was designed for the exterior of a building, but is just as evocative used as the backdrop to an indoor event or similar.

The projection is available for viewing and downloading from State Library’s vimeo site if you would like to have a look at it and use it at some point.

Projection used as backdrop to an event

If you are planning to have an event or just want to use it in a more informal setting you are welcome to use it. If you are interested in using the projection, please let me know as I would like to track the use of the projection.

Also, depending on the timing of events where the projection might be able to be used; I have a large format data projector which may be able to be loaned to you for use. Please let me know if you are interested in using the projector.

About the author: Niles Elvery is Senior Project Officer, Q ANZAC 100, State Library of Queensland.