3D Christmas Ideas

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn merry and bright, and everyone has a chance to express their creative side by decorating the Christmas tree. This year, why not offer something a little different to engage your community? 3D printing technology makes it easy to produce decorative ornaments of all shapes and sizes, so there’s no worry about finding the perfect ornament…and handmade gifts are always most welcome.

Popular 3D design website Thingiverse hosts a huge range of 3D printable ornaments that are quick and easy to download and print. What’s great about these is that you can browse to find the ornament you’re after, size it to fit your tree (even miniature desktop trees), choose your print colour and start producing. Some are intricate, while others take a more traditional shape. Since ornaments are made to be light, printing them should take less time than other designs since you can print them as just a shell.

Image of 3D printed Christmas ornaments

Some ornaments are designed to fit directly onto the branches of your tree, while others are more traditional. With the magic of 3D printing, even if you’re short on hooks (paper clips are a great option too!) you can always print your own bauble hooks. What you can produce with 3D printing is nearly limitless…you can even print your own tree!

If Christmas tree decorating isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other great holiday items you can print. Imagine the fun young and old alike could have decorating their very own 3D printed holiday reindeer or creating small gifts to give in these miniature gift boxes. If you’re short on budget, you could print some of these moveable Christmas toys as stocking fillers, or print these coffee decoration templates to look like a pro barista on Christmas morning.Image of Christmas cookies and cookie cutters

Another great project is to get creative using Tinkercad to design your very own Christmas themed cookie cutter.  Creating cookie cutters is a great way to introduce people to 3D printing, and the results are both easy and delicious to show off to friends and family. One baker loved the idea so much she’s turned it into a hobby business – another example of how libraries can support entrepreneurs!