You’re on the hook, read a book!

Australia’s chief scientist lays down a challenge to share a book that you love, with a child that you love, over the summer holidays.

If you’re anything like me, you will think back on the child hood times you spent lost in the pages of an awesome book to be some of the most treasured times of all. Thankfully the ability of words on the page to transport me to fascinating times and places has lost none of its power over the years to engross and enthrall.

In library land we tend to know the importance of sharing the gift of reading as early as possible; and we do this through some wonderful programs such First Five Forever, Summer Reading Club and various Storytime sessions. But occasionally some extra inspiration can reinforce the potential that a love of reading can unleash.

Australia’s chief scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, is providing that inspiration this summer with his Storytime Pledge challenge. The campaign seeks to remind people, over the holidays when we all have a little more time to relax and connect, to take the time to share a great book with a child we love and in the process, share possible futures.

In launching the campaign, Dr Finkel said “Behind every great scientist is a library of inspirational books, and an adult who introduced them. We can all help our children to pick up the pen on the future, by hooking them on reading today.”

Throughout the campaign, we can keep track of books pledged by members of Australia’s scientific community and we can add our own pledges using the Twitter hashtag  #StorytimePledge.

So, let’s get pledging! But more importantly, let’s get reading! Whether you are a parent, grand parent, cousin, neighbour or family friend, why not spend some quality time with those little people in your life and stoke imaginations. After all, the fun and fantasy of today will most likely translate into the innovation of tomorrow.