Copyright training at SLQ, with ALCC

Copyright. No doubt we all know what it is and the important role it plays in balancing the protection of creator’s rights with enabling creativity and innovation. It influences so many areas of our lives in libraries, from how much of a book we can let a user copy, to how our e-resources may be used. But it may also be something that we don’t pay much mind to day to day, either because we don’t have direct exposure to it, it seems a tad overwhelming or even a tad boring!

Well, here’s the thing. In the 21st century copyright is anything but boring. In this era of Creative Commons, copyright is now about making available an ever wider range of works for use and adaptation by an ever wider range of people and at the same time, creating greater clarity for creators around which rights they reserve or waive.

The potential this creates is exciting, as is the impending change (in January 2019) to Australian Copyright law brought about by the ‘Cooking for Copyright’ campaign. The result of this campaign will see thousands of unpublished sources such as letters, diaries and theses, released into the public domain, allowing them to be utilised for the first time in historical research.

So, copyright boring? Doesn’t sound like it to me. But overwhelming? Perhaps that’s another question.

To answer it, why not head along to SLQ on February 1st, 2018, for Australian Libraries Copyright Committee Copyright training. ALCC recognises that many in the library world can lack confidence in dealing with copyright issues. This training seeks to equip librarians and archivists with the skills to manage copyright in the workplace confidently and with style!

Sessions include:

Copyright Essentials– intended for those who want to learn or brush up on their copyright basics.

Copyright Extended– looks at the latest updates in copyright practice and reform; assumes either a base knowledge of copyright or attendance at the morning session.

There will also be a feature panel discussing the latest copyright news, the Hot Topics presentation.

Sessions cater to all experience levels and interested parties can register for any or all sessions. And best of all, the training is FREE for library staff of ALCC member organisations. If you or your institution are a member of ALIA, NSLA, CAUL, AGLIN, CAARA, ASLA or ASA, the only cost is your time. Sessions are also open to non-members; however a price of $55 is charged for the first two training sessions. The final session is free for all attendees. So head over and register for your sessions now.