You CAN judge a book by its cover!

Most libraries order new titles from library suppliers around 3 months prepublication, before it hits the book retailers. You probably know the up-and-coming books and there is probably an ‘on order’ brief catalogue entry in the library catalogue. So, how do you let your customers know what is going to arrive at your library?

St George Library, located south of Roma in the state’s south-west uses an ingenious idea that boosts customer requests and keeps customers and staff aware of what’s coming. Local librarian Sheree Ryan builds a display wall of front covers in the library foyer and invites her customers to reserve titles that interest them in the catalogue. This is especially useful when your library is part of a huge network of libraries extending the length and breadth of Queensland. By Sheree doing this promotion, it means the ‘in demand’ titles are sure to make it to her library and for her customers.

Following the success of the book cover display for adults, the junior area has been transformed with suggested reading for under 5s. There are reading suggestions for each age group from one year to 5 years.

Inspirational quotes in a quiet corner encourage further reading!

Why don’t you share your tips for suggested reading or promotions? Queensland libraries would love to hear about your successes.

About the author: Desley Cullen is Research Librarian with Public Library Partnerships.