Warning! Is your computer in danger of attack?

Use Lynda.com to learn how to protect yourself and your devices.

Phishing, cyberattack. hacking and identity theft are all threats faced by anyone who uses a computer.  Whether your computer is at home or at work, don’t let attackers get at your information.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness: Malware explained. Learn to protect yourself from cyberattack on Lynda.com

You can learn about computer security and the how to guard against malicious interference on Lynda.com.  Search Lynda for any of the keywords on your topic.  You can also limit to course, skill level and more. Lynda.com is free to all Queensland public libraries and IKCs.  New courses are added regularly and some of the courses below have just been added to the more than 7,000 Lynda.com courses available. Courses on this subject include:

Cybersecurity awareness:  Malware explained 1 hr (Beginner) Malware poses a threat to anyone who uses a computer. Learn to avoid and defend against malware and how to protect yourself and your devices.

Cybersecurity awareness:  Security for Cloud Services 1 hr (Beginner) Be better acquainted with the various types of cloud offerings and the general security risks involved with each. Learn the security advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cybersecurity Awareness. Learn about cloud security and how to select the best option for you on Lynda.com

Learning iPhone and iPad security 1 hr 45 (Beginner) Added January 2018. Security is now more important than ever.  Learn to keep your information safe and secure. Topics include enabling locks on your device; Creating strong passwords; Protecting passwords and Avoiding scams.

Learning Ransomware Countermeasures 1 hr 30 min (Beginner) Added February 2018. Includes: How ransomware works, Safeguarding Windows, Securing your Router, and information on spam, phishing and spoofing.

Learning Ransomware Countermeasures. Safeguard your information from attack on Lynda.com

Windows 10 Security 2 hrs (Intermediate) Includes setting up passwords, smart cards and biometrics; Assigning permissions, Encrypting full discs, file transfer and networks, Using anti-virus and anti-malware solutions and configuring firewall settings

Wireshark: Malware and Forensics 2 hrs (Intermediate) Added January 2018

Learn how to use Wireshark to detect unwanted activity on your network. Topics include:  Trends in cyberattack; Preventing system compromise; Creating firewall rules; Using Virustotal and more.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Wireshark: Malware and Forensics help detect unwanted activity on Lynda.com

Amazon Web Services: Data Security 4 hrs (Intermediate) Added January 2018

Learn best practice, patterns and processes for designing and implementing data security with the amazon Web services cloud. Includes using core AWS security design concepts, design concepts for encryption and Designing for disaster recovery.

 React: Securing Applications. 1 hr 30 min (Advanced) Added January 2018. Explains how common attacks work and how to protect your applications. It includes improving the security of your authentication methods, and how to safeguard your files, code, data, routes, servers and users.

Microsoft Cybersecurity Attack: Advanced Identity and EndPoint Protection. 2hrs (Advanced) Added January 2018 Learn virtual based security , securing email, Implementing post-breach defence; Protecting the cloud with Azure AD.

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