State Library of Queensland subscription to Informed Librarian

The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) is currently offering Queensland public library staff free access to the Informed Librarian Online  which is a service that keeps you up-to-date with your professional reading and your profession. ILO is an easy, timesaving way to stay informed and abreast of all current library trends, and is preferred by library and information professionals around the world. The link to ILO is also available on Public Libraries Connect

This offer is open to Queensland public library and IKC staff. If you don’t already have access to ILO, email State Library at with your library email address to receive your log in. Library staff must supply a public library email address to be eligible.


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Informed Librarian Online is a subscription only service which delivers content to more than 290 professional librarianship and information related journals and more. Titles include:

  • School Library Journal
  • Young Adult Library Services
  • International Journal of Digital Library Services
  • Australasian Journal of Information Systems
  • NZ Library & Information Management Journal
  • IFLA Journal
  • International Journal of Library Science
  • Library Trends
  • Journal of Library Administration
  • Public Library Quarterly
  • Reference Librarian The
  • Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

Each month your subscription provides:

  • Email notifying you of the new issue on the web, customizable based on the subscriber’s preferences
  • Links to all the current periodical contents that came out during the month, many full-text, arranged both by subject and by title
  • Featured Articles– full-text of 19+ articles from premium journals
  • Editor’s picks of noteworthy articles and recently released reports
  • ILO-exclusive articles, specially written content for ILO –

▶ Guest Forum – practical, insightful articles by experts in their fields

▶ Tech Talk – technology topics presented by a tech expert

▶ Featured Library – library profile

  • RSS available for each issue
  • Featured Book– with discounts on noteworthy new titles
  • INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE benefits include:
  • ILOSearch database to search through all the linked-to journal contents, currently 330,000+ documents, with save search feature
  • Full-text access to Emerald Publishing library journals
  • Archives of all issues back to 2003
  • Archives of all specially written content, back to 2003
  • Lists of all the journals we link to, by subject and title
Above: Flickr photo from Arismendy Polanco

Above: Flickr photo from Arismendy Polanco

For your free subscription to Informed Librarian Online  send your email details to and be informed.

About the author: Karen Hind is Librarian, Public Library Partnerships, State Library of Queensland.