can help you be a better team player

We all know the benefits of teamwork. There’s increased efficiency, sharing the workload, improved communication and the generation of even better ideas. Some people like me, look forward to working in a team. There’s always someone to talk problems over with, someone with different expertise, and to challenge me when I go off track. provided by the State Library of Queensland for free for all Queensland public libraries, staff and IKCs.

But what happens if you’re not really a team player?  If you prefer working on your own, how do you get the skills to maintain your enthusiasm with all that extra effort that teamwork can take? How do you even know what it takes to be a good team player?

Teamwork does not come naturally, it’s a skill, and our success at work depends on how we get on with others. If you can learn these skills your success at work is almost guaranteed. can help you learn the skills you need to be a team player. The State Library of Queensland provides free access to for all Queensland public library members, staff and IKCs. Here are some courses you can watch to make teamwork work for you.

Building your team: with Izzy Gesell Beginner 1 hr

Topics include: How leaders prepare for team building, Stages of team building; Establishing team missions and goals; Creating a team action plan; Managing a successful team meeting. courses

Teamwork courses include Building your team with Izzy Gesill.

Teamwork foundations with Chris Croft Beginner 1 hr 15 min

Topics include: Getting the job done; Cultivating communication; Handling conflict; Playing more than one role; Using your strengths; and Dealing with your weaknesses.

Communication within teams with Daisy Lovelace Beginner I hr

Topics include: Defining roles; Creating a shared vision and focusing on objective; Providing feedback; Holding teammates accountable; Communicating in face to face and virtual meetings.

Managing a diverse team with Vanessa WomackIntermediate 1 hr 20 min

Team leaders should aim to create an inclusive culture that celebrates differences and fosters the best performance of all the members in a team. Topics include: Building team rapport; Working with multigenerational teams, Using coaching tools to monitor results; and Identifying negative behaviours. courses

Learn to manage a high functioning team with courses.

Measuring team performance with Mike Figliuolo Intermediate 1 hr 25

Topics include: Learn how team measurement works including; Team performance measurement; Measuring Operations Performance.

This is a sample of what you can find to help you at work. To find more courses on teamwork and other business skills, as well as software and creative skills, visit For information contact