Copyright Fact sheets designed for Libraries

Copyright is always the thing you think you know until a tricky question comes along; and in this age of digital copies, instant sharing and 3D printing it’s definitely worth being ahead of the game.

Knowing where to look to find an authoritative Australian answer that suits your question can save your council, or your client from any risks they might not even know they’re taking with copyright. It’s definitely worth brushing up every now and again on the current Australian rules.


In previous blogs, we’ve mentioned using the Australian Copyright Council Factsheets, but did you know that there are also factsheets produced by the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee – specifically for libraries!

Check out the range of factsheets available including services for both on and off site member access plus the new amendment to the Copyright Act that came into force in December 2017. The changes brought about by the new amendment are the most significant to Australian copyright law in over a decade! Read more about the changes here.

In particular this new amendment strengthens the rights of Australians with a disability to create and use accessible format versions of published items and allows libraries to do more to assist people with a disability. Both of these new exceptions improve on the previous rules by applying equally to any material you want to use (be it book, film, or audio recording), to any purpose (be it copying, adapting or uploading to the cloud) and to people with any disability (be it vision, hearing, intellectual, physical or even temporary) without breaking copyright rules.


Read more about the new disability provisions in the copyright act here.


All the factsheets are available under a creative commons licence in word and pdf formats so you can cut and paste content to share with staff, make your own manual or add council branding to display factsheets that are relevant for your members.


Can’t find the copyright answer you’re looking for? Send your query through to and we’ll look into it for you.


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