Have your say on the 2018 Technology Standard

The draft 2018 Technology Standard has been revised under the guidance of a Review Panel and it is now time for wider consultation.
Technology Standard Review

Image by methodshop.com (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Technology Standard is intended to assist councils to evaluate current services, develop best practice for service delivery and plan for future needs.

With the use of technology in public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) continuing to expand your feedback will ensure the document is both realistic and relevant.

Please take time to consider some of the changes and additions to the contents, as well as the format and layout. Your thoughts on inclusions into the aspirational elements would also be welcome. The existing Technology Standard is available for comparison.

Comments must be submitted by email to the Local Government Coordination Team by 23 April 2018 to be considered for inclusion into the final Technology Standard.