What is it like Growing Up In Queensland?


Give the young people in your community a chance to be heard and get involved with The Growing Up In Queensland project. The project is designed to give 13 – 18 year old Queenslanders a voice in their future by sending a message about how they  feel about their everyday lives, priorities, and what they see as the challenges they face for their future.  This exciting project is run by the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC).

Growing up in Queensland?

Young people’s thoughts and ideas will be used to help government policy makers, business leaders and communities understand what young people think about their communities, and what they need as they take their steps into the future.

C'mon everybody!

Tell us what you think and help make a difference for you and other people your age

How can libraries get involved?

Contact the State Library of Queensland to arrange for a batch of QFCC postcards, posters to promote the activity and a QFCC information pack so young people in your community can have their say. To receive your postcards or for more information on how you can get involved contact Stella.Read@slq.qld.gov.au  at the State Library of Queensland and let us know how many you’d like for your library or IKC.

If you were the Mayor...

Once your pack arrives simply ask the young people in your community to fill in the postcards, collect them in the library and return them to the Commission or the State Library by 29 June, 2018.  Young people can also:

The vision

Queensland’s Children’s Commissioner stated, “Our vision is to work collaboratively to influence change so Queensland is a safe place where children, young people and their families thrive in supportive communities. I would urge everyone who has contact with anyone aged 13-18 years to encourage them to jump online and have their say today.”

 Closing date

The postcard collection online survey and weekly questions all close on 29 June 2018.

Find out when the Growing Up in Queensland Project staff will be in your community by visiting the website. For more details contact State Library at ypf@slq.qld.gov.au.