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The popular Queenslanders in Conversation series provides a platform for insightful, contemporary conversations on topics of relevancy and currency to the Queensland community. The series has been designed to promote public conversations in an interactive and accessible way, both online and in person.

Public Libraries and their members are invited to join ABC Radio host Rebecca Levingston, our guest panel and the live audience and be a part of telling the Queensland story via the live stream on Wednesday 9th May at 6pm and follow on Twitter using #SLQconvo

Or if your library was interested in hosting a live stream Queenslanders in Conversation event for your community, please get in touch with Erin Gibbons, Project Officer, Strategic Engagement or phone 07 3840 7424.

Upcoming event details:

Title: Queenslanders in Conversation: Mega events – mega beneficial or mega superficial?

Date: Wednesday 9th May
Time: 6pm–7.15pm

Live steam (from 6pm):

About the event

This is the second Queenslanders in Conversation talk for 2018, our guest host from ABC Radio Brisbane will facilitate a conversation between a panel of highly regarded Queenslanders from diverse backgrounds, audience members and online viewers.

Taking place three weeks after the closure of the Commonwealth Games, this timely discussion will explore some of the economic, environmental and social impacts of mega-events in Queensland and across the globe.

Mega sporting and cultural events such as the Commonwealth Games and Expo 88 are viewed as significant strategic opportunities to stimulate investment and tourism, gain civic engagement and revitalise cities. But is the euphoria of hosting mega events and the promise of endless riches misguided and overstated? What do mega events leave behind for their host cities and nations? How do we ensure the legacies of mega-events are positive and long-lasting?

Presented as a  partnership between: 

Radio Brisbane State Library of Queensland  Queensland Government