for better customer service

Working with customers can be very rewarding but some days it’s hard work. How can you tell if you and your team are getting it right? can help you strike just the right note every time. courses will help you develop a plan of action, navigate difficult customer service interaction and diffuse and refocus a bad interaction. has everything you need to build confidence in providing better customer service.

State Library of Queensland provides free access to for all Queensland public libraries, IKCs and staff. Choose from brief Lynda courses or a more advanced course. There are courses to suit all skill levels. Receive a certificate for each completed course. Why not make a course a part of your library staff learning program?

Creating a Culture of Service with Lisa Earle McLeod. 2018. 1 hr Advanced.

Develop a culture of service in hiring and firing and reinforce a culture of service in daily operations. for better service

Customer Service Foundations with Jeff Toister. 2014. 2 Hrs  Beginner.

Learn to build winning relationships, provide the right assistance at the right time, Identifying techniques that build rapport, Identify emotional needs and more.

Effective Listening with Brenda Bailey-Hughes. 2015 1 Hr Intermediate

Develop behaviours that allow you to become a better listener, recall more details, avoid distractions and becoming overwhelmed. for better sevice

Customer Service Leadership with Brad Cleveland. 2017. Advanced

Learn why leadership is important, Understand Customer Expectations, How to leverage technology and Budgeting Secrets.

Writing Customer Service Emails with Leslie O’Flahaven. 2017. 1 hr Beginner

Learn to communicate by email with clarity and sincerity. Ensure your responses provide your customers with the help they need.

Using Customer Surveys to Improve Service with Jeff Toister. 2015. 1 Hr Beginner.

Learn how to improve your service team performance with a customer survey. Get step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing effective surveys and analysing the data.

Customer Service: Handling abusive customers . 2018. 40 min Beginner. Get real life examples and actions to help staff respond confidently to abusive customers.

Customer Service: Winning back a lost customer with Jill Griffin. 2015. 45 min  Appropriate for all. Statistics show it’s easier to win back a lost customer than get a new one. Learn about the types of lost customers and how to get them back. for better sevice

Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting with Nosh Fleming 2018 Intermediate 30 min. Learn to respond to valid and invalid complaints, disarming and redirecting unhappy customers.

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