Are you running a STEM club in your library?

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is undertaking a project on behalf of the Queensland Museum and Inspiring Australia to establish an evaluation framework for Queensland STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) clubs. 

USQ are working to collect information about STEM clubs across the state to inform the project, and we’d like to hear about any STEM clubs you might have running in your library.

 A STEM Club can be defined as “any extra-curricular programs in science and technology, including science clubs, robotics clubs, young engineers, coding clubs and citizen science programs…” (Inspiring Australia). 

 Libraries can complete this survey at 

 If you have any contacts in schools who might like to complete the survey, please feel free to forward them this email. The schools survey can be found at 

 For further information, please contact Tania Leach or Steph Piper

About the author

Kate Davis is a Senior Research Fellow at the Digital Life Lab, University of Southern Queensland.